Upon your arrival you must present this format printed and signed by both holders of the vacation plan. This is part of the check-in process stablished by the vacations club and the only way to validate the promotion you acquired. 


All reservations are subject to availability until they are confirmed by the hotel. 


This vacation package is subsidized directly by Caracol Club Vacacional, S.A. of C.V  our mission is for you and your family to experience firsthand the exclusive savings and benefits of our members to vacation in the best places at the best prices.


To be a Qualified Participant for this special promotion, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • To be legally married or living in Common-Law (3 years living together), both over 30 and under 65 years old /or legally single women between 35 and 60 years old when traveling. All the participants must present their government official identifications in original (Copies are not allowed)
  • In case of ID’s without matching address, you can present the original marriage certificate, the birth certificate of children in common (verifiable with identification) or a notarized letter with official stamps and signature to validate the coexistence (Common-Law).
  • Combined (household) incomes: Mexicans.-Minimum $80,000MXN per month / South Americans.- At least $8,500USD monthly / US & Canada.- Annual incomes of $125,000USD // Always verifiable (without security deposit) or non-verifiable (with security deposit).
  • At least one must be currentlyemployed/ or have a legally registered business. 
  • In case of not showing incomes proof, we require a security deposit during the check-in process in cash or with your credit card for the amount of $1,000USD to $1,200USD; which will be refunded during the check-out, as long as you did not request special services and you complied with all the terms and conditions detailed in this document this amount will be refunded as well.
  • This promotion is valid for United States, Canada, some countries in South America and Mexico citizens (except for people living in the same state, or states nearby the resort like: Campeche, Yucatan and QuintanaRoo)
  • All participants included in the reservation must attend to the sales presentation to preview our host resort from 90 to 120 minutes of your time. The presentation’s date and time will be assigned during the check-in.
  • Scheduled activities are not allowed the day of the presentation, such as tours, conferences, weddings among other.
  • All the participants must speak, understand, read and write fluent English or Spanish without the need of an interpreter.
  • At the time of checking in and at the presentation you must show at least one valid major credit card issued by a Bank Institution personalized (with your name engraved). Only Visa, MasterCard or American Express are accepted (we do not accept debit, corporate, joint, check, departmental, fidelity or additional cards). Policy stablished by the vacations club.
  • Participants who do not meet the specified requirements mentioned above will be matched as Unqualified Prospects for this promotional package and will be charged the hotel’s current rack rate. The amount will be per person per night, without taking in consideration the amount previously paid. In case of refusing or not being able to cover such amount, the participants must leave our facilities.
  • This is a special offer limited to ONE TIME ONLY, valid for 2 adults and up to 2 minors from 0 to 5* years old (*Applies special conditions based on the acquired promotion)
  • For your own protection and taking your economy in consideration, do not buy your airline tickets until you receive a written confirmation with your reservation number.
  • Round transportation Airport-Hotel-Airport is included, you must send your flight itinerary in order to coordinate your ground transportation properly.


Those described below will be considered as NON-Qualified Prospects: 

  • Employees of any airline company, travel agencies, hotel chains, vacational clubs or time share promotors, religious ministers and retired people.
  • Anyone who has already attended to the to the hotel’s vacation club sales presentation, including vacation club members.
  • Participants who have attended or will attend a sales presentation at another hotel 15 days before or after your stay in our hotel.
  • Participants who have used or will use a similar promotion subject to a presentation 15 days before or after your stay in our hotel.
  • Any person whose name does not appear on the original reservation.
  • If friends, family or known people are traveling with the same promotion during the same dates with different confirmation number, only one applies for this promotion and the other reservation(s) must pay the hotel’s current rack rate with the understanding that the money previously paid for the promotion will not be taken into consideration to settle the payment of it.


  • The first arrival to the destination should be at this resort. Arriving previously to another hotel with family or friends is not allowed, otherwise the promotion will be canceled and you will have to pay the totalrackrate. 
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the Omni Vacation Club Concierge for the check-in to schedule the appointment for the Sales Presentation.
  • The sales presentation can’t be the same day of your arrival or the last day of your stay. The date and time will be assigned during the check-in and you can’t have any scheduled activity the day of the presentation (i.e.tours, weddings) 
  • It is essential to have your profile complete with the requested documentation to validate the promotion and process your reservation.
  • By signing this letter the participants are aware that they meet all of the requirements and they accept that they must show their documents to the representative in charge of the vacation club. Any verbal agreement made with the agent or agency which is not written in this contract is not valid and in case of non-compliance with any of the requirements the reservation will be canceled. Therefore, if you want to stay at the hotel you must pay the rack rate with the understanding that the money previously paid for the promotion will not be taken into consideration to settle the payment of it.